For years the GPL Online league audience has been betting on the outcome of various motorsports leagues. This dates back as far as 2002 and 2003 and includes all sorts of types of racing including Formula One (F1), NASCAR Indy Car, truck racing, motorcycle racing, kart racing and beyond. Basically, if it has some wheels and a motor – they will debate who is going to win. It is just important that you are a member of the Ten-tenths motorsports forum.

But that was then. Today, in 2020 – people from all around the world can play Daily Fantasy Sports on sites based in the United States such as DraftKings.com, FanDuel.com and (best name for a company every) MonkeyKnifeFight.com. These sites might require some to use a VPN to mask their location as they haven’t been approved in every one of the United States. Foreign countries are even more tricky thus the need for a VPN now. Someday, everyone will be able to play DFS sports and what fun will that be.

Understanding how to play the most popular categories in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) motorsports can be seen here. There are all sorts of ways to look at arbitrage opportunities in the three levels of NASCAR today including the Truck Series, the Infinity Series and the Monster Energy series. Positions earned, positions gained, number of laps and finishing place are only a start.

The types of games to be played include 50/50 double ups which are where say out of 100 people the top 49 win double their money. Multiplies allow you to win a big multiple on your up-front risk if you do well versus the field. Head to head is often popular among friends in that you can play one lineup versus your buddy. You can also play head to head games versus random people and this has an educational advantage. While you can’t really interact with them, you can see how others who are good at DFS pick their lineups which can lead you to insights that you might not have come up with on your own. GPPs are the “lottery ticket” of daily fantasy sports. These GPP games have a good entry fee but very large player pools. You need to finish at the very top to make big money. In some cases, GPPs for some DFS sports can yield multi-million dollar paydays.

Clearly, the technology and sophistication on how a group of motorsports fans would root for their favorite racers has changed. We think it is very much for the better with room for even more positive change in the future.